Ocean Credit Card

39.9% APR
Ocean Credit Card
Ocean Credit Card
Ocean Credit Card
39.9% APR

If accepted, get your card within 10 days Representative 39.9% APR variable Credit limit of £200 to £1,500 Manage your account online - or in the app

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Balance Transfers

0% interest for up to 56 days


3% Interest

Representative APR Variable

39.9% APR

Balance Transfer 0% interest for up to 56 days

Ocean Credit Card

Without spending too much time browsing online, you will see just how many credit card options there are. This means that there is something for everyone, including those who are looking for credit cards for bad credit and those who are looking for balance transfer credit cards. When you choose a credit card, it’s important to think about what the individual card offers. This means carrying out some credit card compare research, you may find that the credit card from Ocean comes out top. Though the Ocean credit card doesn’t boast the highest of credit limits, it does boast a quick turnaround time and low introductory balance transfer rates. Plus, the Ocean credit card only requires a small minimum income to ensure approval and this means a lot of people are eligible. As the Ocean credit card is not a credit card for bad credit, a good credit rating is required.

Who Can Apply For A Credit Card Ocean?

As is the case with all credit cards, the Ocean credit card has requirements that need to be met. This includes being over the age of 18, being a UK resident and having a good credit score. If you do not have a good credit score, you may want to focus your attention on credit cards for bad credit as approval is a lot more likely. You also need to have a minimum income of £1,500 in order to be approved for an Ocean credit card.

What Does The Credit Card Ocean Offer?

  • With the Ocean credit card, you will receive a balance transfer rate of 0% for a duration of 56 days. After the initial 56 days, the balance transfer rate will increase to a standard rate.
  • The credit card from Ocean has an APR of 39.9% and this is one the high side. Though it’s not the highest APR out there, it’s certainly not one of the lowest.
  • With a credit card from Ocean, you can add up to three other cardholders. However, you will be responsible for all transactions that happen on the account.
  • You can become eligible for a credit limit increase as soon as you show that you are able to use the card responsibility, something that isn’t as easy to achieve with some other credit cards.
  • With a credit card from Ocean, you will receive a purchase interest rate of 3%. This is fairly standard and is a similar rate to what many other credit cards offer.
  • The Ocean credit card can be managed online or in the app, which makes credit card management and payments a lot more convenient. Not all credit cards are as easy to use and stay on top of.
  • The Ocean credit card offers a variety of credit limits, ranging from £200 to £1,500.
  • If you are accepted for an Ocean credit card, you will receive the card within 10 days. This means that there’s no need to worry about a lengthy wait before you can start spending.
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