American Express

57.6% APR
American Express

Benefit from an offer for new members, which allows you to earn 20,000 Membership Reward Points if you spend £3,000 in the initial three months. This offer ends on the 29th June 2020. Terms and conditions apply.

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Balance Transfers



22.9% P.A Variable

Representative APR Variable

57.6% APR

American Express

If you know anything about credit cards, you will have heard of American Express. American Express is one of the key players in the credit card world and it’s the ‘go to’ option for many people with good credit. It’s not one of the many credit cards for bad credit and therefore it’s not available to anyone who doesn’t have a good credit score, but it has a lot to offer those who are approved. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that credit cards for bad credit are always the right choice, as the American Express credit card ticks a lot of boxes. It’s always a good idea to carry out credit card compare research before deciding on the credit card for you, but there is a good chance that the American Express option will appear time and time again.

Who Can Apply For An American Express Credit Card?

In order to be approved for an American Express credit card, you need to meet certain requirements. You must be a UK resident and over the age of 18, otherwise you will be turned down. Other things such as your credit score, experience of using credit scores and financial history will also be taken into account.

What Does The American Express Credit Card Offer?

  • With the American Express credit card, you will receive an APR of 57.6%. This is certainly on the higher end of the spectrum, with a lot of other major credit cards offering a much lower APR to users. Though this doesn’t prevent the American Express credit card from being one that is worth considering, it’s definitely something to bear in mind.
  • It’s important to remember that American Express is not a balance transfer credit card, so it’s not a good choice if this is the sole reason for you needing a credit card. If you need a balance transfer with the American Express card then this needs to be requested, but approval is by no means guaranteed.
  • The American Express credit card has a rate of 22.9% for purchases. This is a fairly standard rate and it’s not too much higher than other credit card companies. However, there is no zero fee introductory period.
  • When you sign up for an American Express credit card, you will benefit from a new member offer. You can earn 20,000 Membership rewards points when you spend £3,000 in your first three months of card membership. This offer ends 29th June 2020 and terms apply.

There are a lot of good credit card options out there and the American Express card is one of them. Though the APR is high compared to other credit cards, the rate on purchases is average and there are great benefits for new members. However, it may not be the best option if you are looking for a balance transfer credit card as balance transfers are not offered as standard.

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